Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcoming Fall

I am excited to be back and officially blogging again, I am also excited for fall to roll in. Cool days and chilly nights, warm cozy knits and large mugs of warm drinks. To celebrate the coming of fall I went to my favorite coffee house the other day, ordered a latte and sat in the front by the shops large glass window. They already had a pumpkin sitting on the counter.

Look how pretty my latte looked.

Here is what I am working on, a beanie that my husband approves of. Once it is finished and the pattern is complete I may let him keep it. Which reminds me next week I will have a new pattern out in the world. I have a lot of plans for the fall, some new patterns, some fun tutorials, and maybe a recipe or two. On the blog I am planning some new Technique Tuesday posts, along with new stitch pattern posts, a Fiber Friday and even a resurrection of Vintage Finds Friday.

The fun starts tomorrow with Technique Tuesday.

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