Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Old Curatins Become Fab Yarn

I just sewed new curtains for our bedroom and when I took down the old ones I was sad to see them go.  They were the first curtains I made for our apartment back in the day and they had become faded and worn since I first made them.  They were too faded to donate or make into a cute skirt.  I was inspired by this post on One Pear Button from February and decided to make them into some interesting looking yarn.

Shredded curtain in a sad pile on my dinning room floor.  Don't be sad old curtains I'm going to make you into something cool!
One curtain down one more to go!  When I finished ripping up the curtains I figured I had about 100 yards give or take a bit.  The curtains were two yards and in the end I had about 56 strips that I tied together.  Now It was time to knit and I, like Ali from OPB, decided on a rug. 

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