Friday, January 13, 2012

For The Love of Philly: Pennsylvania Fabric Outlet

This is my favorite shop in Philly to buy fabric and buttons.  They have a huge selection of fashion fabrics, cottons, linen, wool, practically everything.  One of the best things too is it's an outlet which sells close out so the prices are half in not more off the original.  It's one down fall is that if you see something you like you should snap it up while you are there, because who knows if it's going to be there when you go back.  Since the fabrics are close out they can't order you more.

What I like about this shop is that it is easily navigated.  Unlike a lot of shops in fabric row you are able to explore and see all the wonderful goodies in stock.  Stock is neatly displayed on shelves and racks and hung up on walls.  It's not fancy, but it's not messy.  The staff is helpful and if you can't find something they will probably know right where it is.  

Not only is there a huge selection of fabric there is also a wall full of buttons and other hardware.  Also in the way back of the shop (not pictured) there are all types of zippers, trims, lace, cording, pipping, and elastic.  They also stock feathers and sequence and leather.  

The shop is located on South 4th St.  Just a few store fronts past Fitzwater St.  The hours are not posted in the store, but they are open everyday except Sundays to my knowledge and close around 5:30 on most days.  This is vague and not too helpful, but every time I have made a trip to this shop it has been open.  If you are looking for fabric I say stop here first.  

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