Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wedding Guest Dress Part IV

I am in the home stretch of this dress project.  The midriff section is attached, gathers and all.

I tried a new way to sew my gathers and really liked it.  To accomplish this you sew two lines of basting stitches between your marks.  Then using your sewing machine set at the widest stitch setting, sew two parallel seams.  Then when it's time to gather the section you just pulled on the bobbin threads to pull the fabric in.

It needs a good pressing, but in time.  There is still much more to do before a final steam is in order.

I also basted the skirt and the lining together.  Mostly to make my life easier.  This fabric is slippery and slides around quite a bit using a ridiculous amount of pins help but so does basting.

Once everything was attached I pinned the midriff lining down to the skirt lining. There will be some serious blind stitch going on there.

All the pieces are sewn and now its just a lot of finishing work, but I have a few more days and not too much to do.  Here is what is left to do on the dress:
1. Blind stitch the midriff lining to the skirt lining
2. Set in the zipper
3. Slip Stitch the facing to the lining
4. Hem the skirts.

Not to bad.  I plan on sewing the midriff and the zipper today and that leaves me just the hem and the facing for tomorrow.

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