Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wedding Guest Dress Part II

After much deliberation and back and forth I decided to make the facing.  It's a bit more work, but I think the result will look a lot better than my original idea.  Thanks goodness for Coletterie's post on How to Draft a Facing.

It's actually quite simple just a bit time consuming. A lot of tracing and measuring.

The back facing was pretty straight forward.  Nothing too crazy here.  But the front piece was a different story.

I had to deal with pleats that I did not want to have to sew into my facing, but I think I got a handle on it.

I marked my pleats on to the facing piece and "pleated" my facing.  I used tape to hold down the pleats and voila a facing for the neckline of the dress that doesn't require pleating.

This technique was pretty easy to execute, and I am pretty happy with my results.

I even got the facings cut out and I started work on my dress's bodice.  The pleats are complete and I even staystitched the neckline of the bodice.

I started on the bodice lining, but I realized that I forgot to get hot pink thread at the fabric store, so the lining only got as far as getting pined.

The wedding is on the 15th and if I do a chunk of the dress every day I should be done with more than enough time to spare.  The next few days will be the easy stuff like sewing a lot of straight seams.  I'll post the more interesting stuff when I get to it.

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