Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stitch Guide: Basket Weave

This is a simple stitch pattern made up of knits and purls that gives you a woven look to your knit.  Basket weave is a reversible stitch that lies flat with out having to block it.  It's great for scarves and blankets or anything else you would see both sides of.

Basket Stitch (Worked Flat)
Multiple of 4
R1: K4, P4
R2: P4, K4
R3: K4, P4
R4: P4, K4
R5: K4, P4
R6: K4, P4
R7: P4, K4
R8: K4, P4
R9: P4, K4
R10: K4, P4

Basket Stitch (Worked in the Round)
Multiple of 8
R1-5: K4, P4
R6-10: P4, K4

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