Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Shelves

Simon and I live in a tiny apartment with no storage.  We have been slowly, but surly fixing this with shelves and the use of vertical space.  These puppies are the newest addition to the homestead.  A bit bare right now, but soon all of my plants will be on the lower shelf and the drop ceiling and weight are the limit on the top shelf.

We purchased some simple boxes from Ikea for me to start storing my sewing stuff in.  These two hold my patterns, all of my sewing notions and my growing collection of thread.  I might need some more of these if I start to get serious about sewing.

The small section where the shelves overlap is where I have stuck my buddha and my small plants.

I accidentally started growing garlic and he is just so damn cute I kept him.  He's starting to grow roots.

Because of our space issue a lot of things in our apartment have to do double duty.  I sew at the kitchen table, our entertainment center also holds my stash of yarn and fabric, and things like that.  Because I don't have the luxury of having a craft room, I'm trying to figure out how to store my project and sewing machine in a better way.

Any suggestions as to how to maximize space, keep my sewing/knitting stuff in order, while keeping my Husband sane?  


LoriLynn said...

Oh my goodness!!! That's garlic?! I would keep him too!!!!!

BlueBetty said...

The garlic is growing fast. He's doubled in size since I took that pic.