Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sewing My Me Made Wardrobe: Week 2

I did it I finished my shorts and my trouser jeans.  It was much easier this time around and I learned a few new tricks.  These garments fit me even better than the first pair of pants I made.  I did go down two sizes and it made a huge different in the fit.  The Janina pattern is not true to size, or maybe I'm not true to size.  Either way both of my new skills and fitting the pattern better has resulted in me loving this patter and the garments that I have made from it.

I love these pants.  They sit high on my hips and fit great.  I will have more pics of me wearing these very soon.

The tricks I learned for these two projects were single welt pockets and how to sew a zipper fly flat.  First off the pockets.

The Janina has fuax pocket flaps.   I was not impressed with how they looked on my first pair of Janina Trousers and they didn't lay right.  (After this project I will be taking a seam ripper to those first trousers and resewing them.)  It was time to learn a new and functional skill, single welt pockets.  I found a pretty good tutorial on Burda Style with step by step instructions and photos on how to sew a single welt pocket.  They little buggers are pretty easy to accomplish.

My next gripe about sewing pants was the fly front.  The instructions in the pattern made no sense.  Except maybe if you had sewn a fly front before.  My knitting comrade Claire suggested sewing in the fly flat.  She swore that it was easier and looked better.  I searched for a tutorial and I found a great one on Threads website.  It was a video tutorial on sewing an easy flat fly-front zipper.  The steps were laid out well and demonstrated for you.  It made so much more sense.  From here on out I will always be sewing my fly front zippers flat.

I also made my third dolman sleeve top.  I can't wait to wear it with my new purple shorts.  

For next week I plan to sew my Sorbetto top as well as alter the tees I got at the thrift store.  I am making great progress.  Maybe I can squeeze in altering those old jeans into shorts this week too. After the tops are completed I will be sewing one more sundress and altering that stripped sweater I found at the thrift store.  So far so good.  I'm thinking my last week of sewing will be something more complicated or maybe just more involved.  


Zoe said...

Cool! Look Amanda, a me-made outfit just hanging there, waiting for May!

Zoe xxx

BlueBetty said...

Thanks Zoe. I now am addicted to making pants and plan on making a new pair of straight leg jeans ASAP.