Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sewing My Me Made Wardrobe: Week 3

I have been super productive finishing off some projects and getting ready to finish up my sewing.  I completed all of my sewing goals this week and am ready for my next set projects.

I made my first Sorbetto and this may be one of my newest favorites.  It's quick and easy and there are tons of ways to change this pattern up.  It took about a yard of fabric and I can't wait to wear it.  I see a lot more Sorbettos in my future.  Maybe one with sleeves?

I found this tee at Old Navy for $5 and I know I am trying to not buy any new or ready made clothes, but I couldn't help myself.  I have actually been to Palm Beach in NSW, and surfed there so I felt that it was destiny.  I bought a large and took it in and gave it cute flutter sleeves.  It just makes me itch to get out to the shore and start the summer surf season.

This was one of the shirts I got in the dollar room at the thrift store.  It was a large to I cut the sleeves off took it in about 8 inches and made some cute cuffs from the scraps for the sleeves.  I also took about 4 inches off the length so now it is just a cute basic white crew neck tee.

Now this top was fun to sew.  This is actually the view from the back.  The fabric shop I frequent was having a sale on their old stock of lace applique and other lacy and beaded bits so I rummaged through the sale bin and found a few I liked.  This one was perfect for this project and added a little spice to an otherwise basic tee.  The front is similar to the neckline on the red surf top above and the sleeves are exactly the same, just a bit smaller.

Whats up next for the sewing machine:
-Stripped sweater alter, I'm thinking 3/4 sleeved cardi.
-Batik anda sundress
-If I'm feeling ambitious, the Anita straight leg jeans.


LoriLynn said...

I love all of these! The first top is amazing, I need like 10 in my life! And I love the little lace detail on the last t! You are seriously my hero! PS I also finished taking photos for my guest post for you...I'm in the process of writing it up but Mad Men keeps distracting me! I'm hoping to have it to you by the end of the week though! XO Lori

BlueBetty said...

Thanks Lori. I can't wait to see your guest post, and I totally understand about Mad Men. I haven't started watching it, but that's because I'm afraid that once I do I won't stop.