Monday, April 6, 2009

April Showers

I know April showers bring May flowers, but why does it have to rain on my only day off!

Looks like I will stay inside most of today as it is rainning and is suppose to rain all day. Yuck! Yesterday was sunny and warm and beautiful, but I was in a dark theatre for most of the day. Simon and I did go for a walk last night to get Rita's. (First Rita's of the season, I love their custard.)

Simon has been itching to get surfing since its been getting closer and close to summer. I agree that I want to surf, but the water temp on the shore is still in the 30's and I would much rather wait till May. My wet suit isn't think enough to keep me warm in the water till then. It's a full steamer, but it's only 3mm thick, so I will have to wait till it gets closer to summer. This is all Simon has been talking of lately, well that and Tommy Emmanual. I think he misses Oz just a bit. He says what he really misses other than his family is being able to surf year round. I think that this is going to be a requirement for where we decide to live once he's done with school. I'll be honest I wish we could surf year round too, with out having to invest in a ton of cold water gear.

Also I listed s new bag today! Check it out!

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