Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still Rainning

It has been the most rainy April I remember in a long time. Not only is it rainy but its cold. Everything is wet, the apartment feels damp although its not, and there is a hole in my rain boot.

Other than that things are wonderous. I've been sewing and working on a few one of a kind pieces for Blue Betty. I've had time to myself which is nice since my scheadule has been packed. Hopfully I will be jumping back on the blog more often now that I have time to sit and breath and that means type!

Here's one of the "One of a Kind Items" soon to be listed.

I love this bag, it is now my new Etsy avatar. It's made from a upcucled t-shirt I bought at the local thrift store. It's extra roomy and lined with fun fabric.

I've also been dyeing roving lately, I will have pictures of that soon. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some good pics as the rain is suppose to stop and the sun is said to come out.

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