Monday, December 6, 2010


Simon and I are back at home for awhile at least in another two and a half weeks we are going back to my parents place for Christmas, but until the we are home for most of the month. We returned home Friday night from a few days in Gettysburg. We hadn't gone on a honeymoon yet so we counted this as a mini one. We had a ton of fun in the town and a great time on our battlefield tour. Below are some pics of our trip.

Hanging with Abe.

We stayed at the Gas Light Inn in town and it was awesome! Its a great B&B we felt right at home and the owners are awesome and Oliver the little terrier is maybe the cutest thing ever. I would highly suggest this place to anyone looking to go to Gettysburg.

Here is our battlefield tour guide Garry explaining the "fish hook" to our tour group. The battlefield tour guides go through a long process to become a guide. They have to sit for a test that consists of multiple choice, true false, and even an essay. If they pass that then they have to give a tour to a guide and a park ranger they get two tries to pass the tour section and if they do they become a official battlefield tour guide.

We loved our guide he was great and seemed to know every detail of the three day battle.

This is the monument to Patrick O'Rorke. A Colonel in the army who grew up in Rochester NY and graduated top of his class at West Point in 1861. (Custer graduated in the same class at the very bottom and also fought at Gettysburg.). O'Rorke commanded the 140th from Rochester. He died in battle on little round top on the second day of battle
This is the oldest building in Gettysburg, the Dobbin house built in 1775 it is now a restaurant and tavern. Simon and I had dinner in the tavern down in the old basement the first night there.

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