Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nagellini Project

Here is the swatch and ball of Nancy's Hair (all the color with our the commitment). I've finished the hat and started on the mittens last night and I am whizzing though them. I plan to have the set of patterns knit and finished by the end of the week. If I keep knitting like I have been I should be done with the mitts by Friday.

The swatch in the picture looks a little wired because it is two swatches in one. I started with a US 4 needle and then switch to a US 6 needle for the second half of the swatch. There is a garter stitch ridge in between the two swatches and four yarn overs in one so I know it was knit with the US 4 and six yarn overs in the second half so I know it was worked with a US 6. I tend to swatch like this a lot, because that way I can see how the yarn knits up with different needles or sometimes with different stitches, and I can compare with out rummaging around for a bunch of different square swatches.

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