Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Monday

The giveaway with Pink Dandy Chatter has come to an end and I thank everyone who participated and I congratulate the two winners who will soon receive their prizes!

What's going on here in Philly with Us this time of year?

I am finishing up the design for Nangellini (actually I've finished the knitting and now its time to write up the design and take some photos, but that is for tomorrow). I also need to start on a design I have completed, but want to test my pattern and adjust it for a different yarn. I am going to submit it to somewhere, but I haven't decided yet where to.

On top of all this knitting and designing Simon and I are rushing around finishing up our holiday shopping and I will start making fudge, and caramels and maybe even some chocolate truffles, but we'll see how I manage my time.

Today I decided to be a bit lazy and watch the netflix dvd that I've had for almost a week. Simon will be glad that we will be getting something new because he had no interest in watching "CoCo before Channel" with me. First off it was in French (subtitles!) and second it was about Coco Channel two things Simon isn't able to get excited about. If you love Channel or sewing or just a good movie I highly suggest it. I've been wanting to see it since Gertie blogged about it.

I must be off my to do list is calling my name.

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