Thursday, December 9, 2010

To Do List

Again with my to do lists. After working early yesterday and deciding on having a lazy morning today I really need to kick my butt into high gear.

Tomorrow is going to be to do list day, and I am going to start my list and try to get everything that isn't "fun" finished.

I am however almost done with the pattern for Nangellini and am hoping to have it typed up and ready to go on Sunday. I need to block the tam and make a few edits to the mitten pattern as well as knit the second mitten. So things are moving along nicely on that front. However my Christmas shopping is suffering. Simon is pretty much done but my brother and my parents aren't even close to being finished.

Saturday is going to be fun project day and Sunday is going to be finish Christmas shopping day.

Friday's to dos:
1. Blog (of course!)
2. Clear table on and around.
3. Clear rocking chair
4. Clear top of fridge
5. Organize Kitchen Shelves
6. Finish shopping and pack Aussie gift package!
7. Cut out dress pattern (If I have time)

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