Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Tuesdays always seem to turn out to be my busiest days. I am trying to figure out how to balance a few things in my life right now. A big balancing act is my knitting. There are so many things I want to knit for me while at the same time I am trying to get some designs done. I am currently working on a hat and mitten set for Nangellini. I love the yarn I am using, and it is special, because it is exclusively dyed for that yarn shop. As I get closer to finishing it I will put up pictures. I am almost finished with the hat and will hopefully start the mittens tonight. That is my unofficial time line.

I am also considering submitting another pattern to Knitty. I have a knit cotton top that I made last year all ready to go, I just need to knit a second one and finish typing up the pattern. The deadline for that is January 2nd so I need to get knitting.

Along with all the knitting Simon and I are trying to organize the apartment and start making it look like a home instead of a temporary place to keep us and our stuff. We plan on staying in this apartment for awhile so I believe we should make it our home.

Christmas seems to be sneaking up on us as well. I have maybe half my Christmas shopping done. I still need to make a batch of fudge and start wrapping the presents I do have. (Which as of right now isn't too much.)

Again with the to do list!
1. Sort out top of fridge
2. Finish hat pattern
3. figure out Christmas present for my parents
4. Finish Aussie Christmas package and send out
5. figure out where to put my sewing machine
6. sew wool dress for Christmas
7. sew cotton dress just because
9. sort out office space in living room

A bit long and non descript but stuff that needs to get done.

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