Friday, December 17, 2010

Chocolate Truffles

So the caramel came out awesome. Now like the fudge I just need to cut it up and package it. Today though is Chocolate Truffle day. I made chocolate truffles back in middle school for french class. They are pretty easy to make if i remember correctly. Mostly cream and Dark chocolate I found a great Instructable Called Anatomy of a Chocolate Truffle that goes through the basics and even teaches you how to make flavored truffles. I am trying my hand at Cab Sav truffles today and have port truffles and honey whiskey truffles in the works for the rest of the week. I also saw a recipe for rosemary and sea salt ones that I really want to try.

What other interesting truffle flavors should I try?

In the process of designing some boot toppers so I can wear my tights and dresses and keep my legs warm.

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