Monday, May 16, 2011

Back in Action: Italian Market Festival

Philly is in full bloom! This past weekend was the Italian Market Festival. A weekend to celebrate the Italian Market, there is lot of food, and venders lining the market and the city closes off 9th Street from Fitzwater to Federal for the festival . Living near the market is a noisy few days, but you have to love a street fair.

Walking down the street there is a kettle corn stall just to the right. Gotta love the kettle corn. Antea went with us and she was saving herself for a pork sandwich from Espositos. Every establishment that makes or sells some kind of food stuff is out on the street peddling their wares. There were sausages and beer, meat balls and gravy (in South Philly gravy means red sauce, I was freaked out the first time I ever heard someone say macaroni and gravy), cannoli, peperoni, mozzarella, pizza, and chocolate dipped bananas to name just some of the food you could eat. There was also live music. It's loud and crowded and wonderfully Philly.

This is my favorite shop in the market. The "One Stop Accordion Shop" Liberty Bellows. The Accordion is in my top five favorite instruments. I love that this shop even exists and that I get to walk by it on my way to go to the market.

This was a contest to win a car if you could guess how much pasta was in the trunk, but we joked that they just wanted to show you how much pasta this car could hold. My guess, a lot of pasta.

This guy was hand rolling cigars outside in the market. he was also smoking a cigar while he did it. Go you cigar rolling duded! I'm not one for smoking, but it was interesting to watch him.

And finally I love it when people miss-use quotation marks.

Oh, what is this you may say. This isn't the Italian Market. No this is my cardigan, look at that button band, all it need now is some buttons.

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