Monday, May 2, 2011

Softball Chic

Simon and I signed up for a coed softball with a bunch of our friends. Each team is assigned a color our team was given purple, we think it was because we had more girls than anyone other team, but anyway its a free shirt.

Yesterday I had no big plans or pressing projects so I pulled out my 108 Ways To Transform a T-shirt and flipped through and after about an hour or so I had completed this.
I turned my boring purple mens' medium T-shirt into a fun and flattering tank with contrasting raglan shoulders.
I based my Tee off or project 24, "Put Me in Coach". I figured I'd play up the sports theme. I totally forgot to take before and after shots of my purple tee, but oh well. After i cut the sleeves off I realized that I needed to take the side seams in so that my shirt wouldn't gape at the sides. Once that was finished I cut the shoulders off on a diagonal from the neckline to under the arm. I used one of these pieces at a pattern for the teal jersey pieces. The teal fabric was scraps left over from my maxi dress project (which failed horribly, but I was able to salvage something of it and made a great tank top out of it, but now I'm getting off subject). I I used a zigzag stitch to attach the pieces. I did end up cutting the hemline into a U shape and zigzag stitched the raw edge.

Now for the fun part I dug through my box of crafting bits and bobs and found some embroidery floss. I used white to cross stitch over the seam where the raglan is sewn. Simon was impressed with my alteration, and I was extremely pleased with how it came out.

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