Monday, May 9, 2011

Under Construction

I am taking a week off to get my content on track and start planing upcoming tutorials and such. Earlier this year I said I wanted to have more tutorials and how to type posts and have only had one since I made that decision. It was also a variation on an existing knitting pattern and I want to have more original stuff on here.

I will be posting my finished items this week as I feel that this week will be a week of completion and planing. I also am deciding if I am going to participate in Me-Made June '11. June would be a hard month as I am working at summer camp and my usual clothing choices are paint covered shorts and old tees. I'm going to look through my wardrobe and see how I feel about it.

Check out my Facebook page and my Twitter as I will be updating and posting to those accounts while I am planing, sewing and knitting this week.

Thanks for understanding. I'm hoping to have a more informative blog, so please check back and see whats new next week.

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