Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dress Alteration

I found this "lovely" dress in the Fill a Bag for a Buck bin at my local thrift store. I pulled it out and saw that it had potential, good bones. in my bag it went with a few other items worth altering. It is three sizes to big, has a tea length skirt that was cut on the bias, pockets (one of my favorite features), giant shoulder pads and was a horrible faded carnation pink.

Like I sad the shoulder pads were giant. They looked like something a preteen would use to stuff their training bra. Although I will give a little credit as they had lingerie straps sewn on to them.

Out the came! And it was easy at it look liked the were only hand basted into the dress.

Not only did it have shoulder pads it had underarm guards as well. This was my first encounter with the real thing, I had only heard and read about them till then.

Next I took out the elastic which was so old it was deterioration as I patiently seam ripped. It had not spring left into and was leaving little white bits of hardened elastic all over the table, and me. It was a bit gross.
I tried to take the sleeves and yoke off the dress with out cutting, but the way it was sewn together that would have taken me hours to do. I finally gave up my hopes of seam ripping and just cut the top to my specifications.

To get rid of this horrendous pink I dyed the dress purple. This was a fiasco mostly because we do not have a stopper for out sink and i had to improvise by using a plastic container lid that fit just so over the drain. All in all though it worked.

Here it is all dyed and ready to go. The fabric laying over it is going to become bias tape for the edges. I'm planing on having this finished today (fingers crossed). Simon and I have a party to go to on Saturday and I am hoping to wear my new dress.

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