Friday, April 29, 2011

Makes You Think

I just finished reading this article on, Sewing as a Protest. It was really thought provoking. Recently I made the decision to not buy ready made any more. I have a few exceptions mostly to do with undergarments. This started mostly with frustration about how ready made clothes fit me, they didn't. But while this experiment is still about fit it has more to it than originally thought.

This project has allowed me to build and improve my skills as a seamstress. My invisible zipper finishes have never been better. I'm more willing to try new skills because I have to. I can't be cautious anymore and hope that someone will teach me , or not try because I'm worried about failure. Because of this I've drafted my first pattern, altered a pattern for my needs, sewn knit jersey on my singer and made my first pair of leggings. I am enjoying the doing as much as I am enjoying the finished item.

I've also noticed my taste in style is truly coming out. I never knew I was going to rock a floral frock that was remincent of 1950's fashion, but I wanted to sew that dress. I also never expected to sew leggings that any rocker girl would die for. But I have and I do rock both of those things. There is a touch of femininity and rock and roll in my style and the two purchases I have made since I started this project tie in exactly (a black leather jacket, and brown leather high heel sandals).

I'm not sure if I'm sewing as a protest, but I know I am sewing for me. I do think I sewing, in a way, against branding. Maybe in a few months this out look on this project will take another turn.

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