Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sew Like the Wind!

I have been sewing like crazy these past two days. I made another pair of PJ shorts and the lovely kimono top above. It is based off of the 1 piece kimono tee by pixlink on Burda Style. I lengthened it so it covers my bum. Now I can wear my new Carol leggings I made with it and not be scandalous. Leggings are NOT pants and should not be worn as so.

The cotton jersey was awesome to sew with. I am absolutely loving knits and stretch fabrics. Move out of the way cotton wovens Jersey is the new kid in the studio! I have one more project I want to complete before we leave for vacation and that is a teal cotton/rayon/Lycra blend jersey maxi dress. I have cobbled together two different patterns into a pattern that will hopefully; a.) fit me, and b.) actually sew up into a dress of sorts. I had to make some hefty alterations to the bodice piece so we'll see if my math is good math and if all this reworking patterns is something I'm capable of.

My teal jersey waiting to be cut.


Leah Franqui said...

Where did you get the fabric? As a fellow Philadelphian I need to know!

BlueBetty said...

I got the stripped jersey and the teal rayon jersey at Pennsylvania fabric outlet just past Kincus. The stripped jersey was in a close out bin and i don't think there is any left, but as for the solid rayon they have that in a lot of colors. Its a bit crazy in there sometimes and they have a lot of polyester, but if you take the time to look there is some great stuff for about 1/2 the price.