Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Tale of the Cotton Cardigan

I have been diligently working on my newest sweater project. It's a lovely cotton cardi in lavender and gold. I was hoping to have it completed by the end of this month, but I need to be realistic. There is no way (unless I quit my job and stay home all week and knit) that I will be able to finish this sweater in 4 days. However I plan on having it finished for June. So I have one more month to complete it. As you can see I am almost finished with one sleeve. Tonight at the knitting circle I plan on starting the second sleeve and I will be well on my way to finishing my lovely summer cardi.

On top of finishing my sweater I also have a design to knit and write up. My deadline is June 8th, and this is not a self imposed deadline. I love getting design work it makes me super giddy. When my design was accepted I did a little dance around my living room.

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