Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Procrastination and Speed Wrenches

The past few days have been busy here in Philly. First off I had a strike on Monday for a theatre in the city. I was extremly excited about it once I got there because I got to strike the electrics with the ME which has never happened before. Stage electrics is my actual trade and what I do. I almost didn't bring my speed wrench but I figured better safe that sorry and it was so true this time.

Yesterday I had a deadline and well I procrastinated, a lot. The only thing I knew about my knitting submission is that it was going to be a modular knitting project. After about four hours of research, swatching, sketching, filling in forms, taking photos, and two cups of coffee I had a finished submission. The last design that got accepted came into being much as this one. As much as I like to be prepared and have things done early I am starting to think I do my best work under some pressure. Well see what happens.

fruits of my labor

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