Friday, April 1, 2011

Photo Update

Here is a photo update of what I've been up to. Above is my current project a cotton cardigan that I might just base a wool cardigan on for the fall. It's piled in a big heap in this photo, but I swear I've finished all the increases for the sleeves and the body.

A BSJ for my little Niece in Oz. It will be getting cooler in the months to come in Australia, but not cool enough for wool this bsj is knit from Knit and Crochet Too's recycled cotton (75% recycled cotton, 25% acrylic). I actually knit this months ago in the preparation for the baby's arrival and just finished sewing up the shoulder seam and sewing on the buttons.

This piece is also for my niece and is a more current knit. This is the Hara Baby Dress knit in the 6 month size. I know some people despise pooling, but i don't mind and I think it is interesting with the linen stitch top and the stockinette skirt.

Here is the back of the dress with some pretty purple buttons on the back. What I liked about this dress is it was a quick knit and the straps have multiple button holes making the straps adjustable.

I had a lot of yarn left over from the baby dress so I looked up some soaker patterns on and found one to knit to match the baby dress. I am almost done with this. It's a fast project. I started it yesterday and I am about 70% finished with it. I just need to finish the waist band, the leg edging and sew on some buttons.

On the sewing front I have finished two pairs of leggings and a dress, and am contemplating a few more tops and maybe a maxi dress out of some cotton rayon I saw at the fabric outlet. Pictures of all my finished items will be taken as soon as it stops raining and actually feels like spring. It's April 1st and I'm sitting in my apartment wearing a wool sweater and thinking about turning the heat on.

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