Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Alright so its been spring for at least a month now. Although it hasn't felt like spring in Philly until recently. Today I am going to finally start my spring cleaning starting with my kitchen/dinning room area, or what Simon calls the big front room where we eat. My goal over the next week is to get crap up off the floor, get rid of a bunch of junk and make the apartment look tidier than present.

This also means that at some point I will need to clean the living room and go through my yarn and fabric stash. Ugh, I love/hate doing this. I love seeing all of my lovelies and dreaming up projects, but I hate having to put it away and make decisions on what to keep, swap, give away or just plan get rid of. I am going to tackle the living room on a day where I don't have to go or be anywhere. Hopefully that will give me lots of time to get it done with plenty of coffee and knitting breaks.

So I'm off to clean and sort!

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