Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stitch Guide: Moss Stitch

I like moss stitch, it's a great textured stitch that is easy to remember and reversible.  This stitch has a similar look to seed stitch, but the purls and knits line up in a slightly different way.  Another thing that is a plus about moss stitch is that it lays flat, coupled with it haveing no "wrong" side it is a great stitch for scarves. 

Moss Stitch (flat)
Multiple of 2 plus 1
R1: *k1, p1* k1 Repeat *to* to the last stitch
R2: *k1, p1* k1
R3: *p1, k1* p1
R4: *p1, k1* p1

Moss Stitch (in the round)
Multiple of 2
R1: *k1, p1* repeat to stitch marker or end of round
R2: *k1, p1*
R3: *p1, k1* p1
R4: *p1, k1* p1

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