Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Back from Boston

I'm back from Boston and I feel like I ate my way through Quincy.  Jules knows some great places to eat in her neighborhood and I think that is all we really did all weekend is eat.  (But I'm always up for food and I judge a place on what I can eat and if there is yarn to buy.)  The first night in town we went to possibly the best sushi place I have ever been too I can't even begin to describe how good it was.  It was called Fuji 1546, If you ever find yourself in Quincy go eat some yummy sushi I highly recommend the spicy tuna roll, the miso soup, and this appetizer called salmon wontons.  Jules also took me to Shabu and I had my first experience with hot pot and I have decided I need to find a place in Philly that does hot pot.  

Now on to the pictures!

Jules took me to a yarn store in Boston right around the corner from where she works.  Windsor Button has everything you would need for crafting.  They also have a wall of buttons.

Such a beautiful day in the park. A great day for....

Ice Skating!  We went skating on the frog pond.  It was so much fun, I hadn't ice skated since high school.  I fell once, but that's because a small child decided to try to squeeze past me and knocked me on to the ice.

Lacing up out skates.

 And we're off Skating!

The park was decorated for the season. 

Linus the sweetest cat ever decided to climb a tree and then cry for help even though he could get down on his own. 

Jules making sure he can get down. 
All in all a great trip.  I wish Jules and woody lived closer, but it was great to go see them.  I can't wait till they come here to visit.

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