Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What to Sew Next

I have a wedding coming up in January and I want to sew something fabulous for this event, but I can't decided on what I want to wear/sew.  Here are my top runners for dress options.  Any feed back would be welcome. 

I have been drooling over this dress for months.
Bustier Dress Burda Style

But I also like these patterns on burda style.

Bustier Cocktail Dress with Long Sleeves


V-neck Cocktail Dress with Starburst

This one is totally different that the others.

Printed 70s Wrap Dress

 I have also been eyeballing this dress from Colette.

Peony by Colette
There is also a dress in the new Collete book that I am absolutely in love with, and although I've asked for the book for Christmas I feel I should start sewing this dress ASAP.  I only have about a month to complete it and I want to give myself plenty of time to do it right.


Leah Franqui said...

I like the Peony and the Starburst dress from Burdastyle. The real issue is, how formal is the wedding?

BlueBetty said...

It's formal, the hubs has to wear a suit.