Monday, December 12, 2011

NYC Weekend

This weekend I spent Saturday in New York City for a good friends Bachlorette party.  We really like hanging together as a large group so all of ladies took the bride out to dinner and then we met up with the guys at a kareoke bar and had a great time singing kareoke in a private room.  Foe some reason there were tons of people dress as Santa that night. 

So Many Santas
Blurry, but a better shot of just how many Santas were singing kereoke.
It's time to Celebrate!
The happy Couple Sing a Duet. 
A quick pic with the lady of the hour. 
After a night of singing and drinks we needed some pancakes for Breakfast.

 It was great to go hang in NYC with some friends who I haven't seen in awhile, but I must say I was glad to return to Philly.  I love the city I live in.

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