Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gift Knitting

It's barely into November, Thanksgiving is still a few weeks out, and its not even close to Christmas yet, but it is "that" time of year and with "that" time of year comes the rush to knit Presents for most of my close friends and family. Along with this race to finish knitted goods also comes the strong desire of knitting for myself. (Also at this time of year try to convince Simon that he would like an knitted item.)

So my question to knitters, crocheters, or any crafter out there is what do you make for your loved ones?

What patterns do you use? Who do you knit for? Do you pick one person to knit and epic project for or try to churn out a bunch of smaller projects for all your love ones?

P.S. I still haven't decided who or what I am knitting.

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Felicity said...

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My city is having a knit-a-thon this weekend, where knitters donate 9" squares, assemble them into blankets and donate them to a homeless shelter.