Friday, November 12, 2010

Nice Things Handmade

Nice Things Handmade is a somewhat new store in South Philly. Nice Things opened in February 2010 in the wake of other similar shops like Mew Gallery and the Curiosity Shop closing. I was really sad that Mew and Curiosity had closed their doors as they were two of my favorite shops to buy gifts from.

I heard of Nice things on my return to Philly from Oz and wasn't able to get down to East Pasyunk until recently. I met Elissa the owner at the weekly Knitting circle I go to at Nangellini. There I found out she was doing a fiber show and Nancy showed Elissa some of my hand dyed. It was a happy accident, or karma was on my side because Elissa asked me to bring some of my hand dyed to Nice Things. I was ecstatic and dropped off about ten hanks of hand dyed and some hand spun yarn yesterday!

Tomorrow is the opening at Nice Things. Their website is under construction but they have a great Facebook page with events and times listed as well as location and shop hours. I unfortunately have a gig in South Jersey tomorrow and will be unable to go, but if you are in the Philly area and are looking for something interesting I highly recommend going the Nice Things for the opening there at 6 to 10pm.

Shop Info
Nice Things Handmade
1731 East Pasyunk Ave (right across the Street from Marra's)

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