Friday, November 19, 2010

Vintage Finds Hiatus

I am going to be taking a small hiatus from Vintage Finds Friday. It is one of my favorite posts to blog about, but It is super time consuming, and for right now I need to focus my time to my etsy and my hand dying. I would like to add spinning to that list but i am out of fiber to spin for the time being.

I have even taken a week long break from knitting for me. My original plan was to knit during the day for the shop or work on a design and then in the evening work on some me knitting. So I have been a busy little knitting elf for this whole week and I feel like I've gotten a ton of things done. A lot of new items that will be photographed on Sunday and you will start to see them in my shop on Monday!
Here is my pile of progress. I will have two more pair of mitts to add to this by Sunday. Knit Knit Knit! As for the rest of my to do list I plan on buying buttons today, and my photo shoot is scheduled for Sunday!

Tomorrow has been dubbed super productive day. Here is an updated to do list for tomorrow:
1. Bake bread (That's right I'm doing it. Today is payday to I'm going to go and buy supplies and see what happens. There will be a special late Saturday edition of Blue Betty Blog because of it!)
2. Finish Shop Banner and Profile pic. (I lumped these together)
3. Finish last knit for shop. (If I keep to my knitting schedule my last project for the shop will be on my needles tonight and bound off tomorrow)
4. Dye last two hanks of alpaca silk.
5. Cut out Muslin for Jacket. (I want to sew a new jacket for thanksgiving, this is a big undertaking, so we'll see what happens, and if I actually finish it in time for thanksgiving. And by Jacket I mean blazer.)
6. Book tour in Gettysburg (The Hubby and I are going away for a few days.)

Well I am off to knit and drink coffee and then off to work...BTW this is my last day of work for two weeks!

P.S. Today is the last day of my Holiday Head Start Sale in my etsy!

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