Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Intersting Ambition

I would like to say that this week is a quiet one. But the reality is with the upcomming holidays I am mostly knitting for the shop, dying all the base that I have, trying to work on a lace pattern (although the farthest I've gotten is dying the wool and deciding I want to design a lace project), putting together items of different price points, attempting to think about Christmas, planing a short get away with Simon and deciding that I really want to learn how to make bread.

Most of this list is some what normal for me, knitting, dying, dreaming up designs. Some of this list comes with the holidays, but the weird thing is my new desire to bake homemade bread. I have a silly domesticity in me that wants to bake bread in the morning, I blame the fact that I am recently married and am nesting in a weird way. My reasoning is I'm home most of the morning and afternoon, I don't work till 3pm, I can totally learn to bake bread.

This want to bake bread just adds to my seeming domesticity. I cook, knit, sew, know how to make pie crust from scratch, I spin yarn, and now to add to the list I want to bake bread. Next thing I know I'm going to want to start canning and making jam (two things a have done in the past with the matriarchs of my family).

I feel a type of wonder doing these things, in a way I feel its keeping alive a dying art form. Who actually bakes bread any more, I know people do, but I don't know anyone who does. With the rush and bustle of today I really like the idea of making something that takes time and practice. Maybe this is why I gravitate to knitting and spinning and even sewing. I am a good knitter but it took time and practice and a lot of mistakes to become a good knitter. I still have a lot of room for improvement and have only learned a small amount of technique, but I want to improve and learn more.

So, maybe this week isn't the best week to decide to take up bread baking, but I have two weeks off starting on Saturday. I think next week I will be indulging my new found interest. But first I think its time to bring back the time honored to do list for now.

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