Monday, March 7, 2011

Adventures in Sewing

I am setting out on a brand new adventure in sewing. Simon thinks me a bit crazy, but I am tired of buying things that don't fit correctly. For my height I have a long inseam and my waist is higher than most, and to top that of my shoulders are broad. I am also tired of not really finding things I want to wear. To remedy this I am from this point forth going to limit my purchase of ready made clothes.

Much like me made March I have a few guidelines. I can wear things that haven't made as long as they are in my closet already, and the things that I am allowed to purchase are under garments, socks, and for now jeans. I may also purchase clothing from the thrift store in order to alter it or use the fabric.

Now to the more difficult part of this new adventure the sewing. I am a decent seamstress. I made all the dresses and even the ties for my wedding and still had time to knit myself a bolero jacket. However there are a few things I haven't ventured into yet and am going to have to try my hand at sooner rather than later, if I want this to work. First, I have never sewn pants or any variation of pants, but with summer coming up I will need to make a few pairs of shorts. Secondly, stretch fabrics, I love cotton jersey and rayon cotton knit blends, but sewing with them is a whole other beast. Mostly because I do not own a sewing machine that is made for sewing these fabrics. I am going to push through the possible frustration and hate of this process for the greater good of my love of these fabrics. Thirdly, my summer job does not allow me time to sew, which means I will have to have my whole summer wardrobe finished by the time I leave for camp. This gives me about 3 1/2 months to complete my closet. I figure I will need to make two small pieces or one large piece a week.

This is going to cut into my knitting and spinning time considerably.
Wish me luck!


demandablog said...

Good luck! I'm so curious about what you'll come up with! :)

Laura said...

Yep! I like this idea.... I look forward to seeing photos of the finished products. May the sewing force be with you. :)

BlueBetty said...

I am well on my way with three projects cut out and one finished. I'll be posting photos at the beginning of next week since i do most of my sewing on the weekends.