Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pantone Color of 2011

There seems to be a lot of buzz about this color and I will admit I have given in to it. When I was growing up i vehemently opposed pink. It was too girly for me. I grew up playing in the mud with my Tonka Trucks and even through high school wore boy jeans. I was rough and tumble, but being older I have come to embrace the color pink and do not stick my nose in the air. Although i still can't get behind light pinks, but Honeysuckle I like. Its pink, not ballet pink or bubblegum pink it is what I think the color pink is.

I have already given in to this colors siren song and have two, that's right two projects planed using the color of 2011. One knit and one sewing, although I'm not too sure what the sewing project will be just yet, I do have two yards of rayon in this bold hue just screaming to be sewn into something fab.

Here's the yarn for the new pattern I am working on. It's a simple shape with great details and I am absolutely in love with this yarns fiber content. It's from Knit Picks and is a wonderful blend of pima cotton and model its call Shine, and I'm using the DK weight. The color on the left is orchid and the one on the right is willow. I like the contrast that the neutral brings to the pink.

Here is my lovely rayon in honeysuckle that is just screaming to be sewn. I'm thinking a dress, In my world you can never have enough dresses.

Now you know what I think about Pantone's color of 2011. Do you love it or hate it? Will you be knitting, sewing, or shopping for this hue?

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