Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sewing Update

I have had a yard of this in my fabric stash for ages now and I finally decided to do something with it. I am very proud of myself for making a simple pattern based off one of the tops in my closet.

Here it is all pinned down and ready to cut out.

Here is the back pieces ready for seaming.

I did run into one tiny problem, actually it wasn't tiny it was pretty big problem. I was not paying attention and based my pattern off a top that is sewn out of a stretch fabric. I added seam allowances and was very pleased with my self. I then proceeded to use my pattern on woven cotton which has no give. Once it was all sewn up I went to put it on and i couldn't get it over my boobs. This is when I realized my huge mistake. (Sadly being stuck in my top I was unable to take a pic of me in such a hilarious situation, Simon was not home to help either.)

I have solved this. It took some measuring, some seam ripping and a tiny bit of guess work, but I was able to sew some panels into the side seams. (Yay my boobs fit in it now!)
I saved my new cotton top. Now I just have to finish the edges. I'm thinking red bias tape.

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