Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekend Round Up

I was a busy bee this weekend. First off here is the dress I have been working on, it's inside out and not quiet done, but all I have left to do is set in the zipper, hem and top stitch. I'm hopping to finish this in a day or so.

My First pair of shorts were also completed this week. Now the are just a simple pair of PJ shorts, but I'm hoping that I can use this pattern as a slopper for some different looks.

I am super proud of this item, it's just a simple black tank top, but it was my first foray into sewing knit fabric. It wasn't too bad, it's going to make me better at using the zigzag stitch on my machine. For my first project with a knit I am very pleased with the outcome.

Here is a quick snap shot of the pattern I am working on. I'm on the lace and am hoping to finish this panel today and get started on the second one.

What is this you say!? That's right I was released from my knitting black hole! What are those things attached to that garment? Oh, they're sleeves, oh and yes this sweater is finished! Once I was out of the knitting black hole that was the body of this sweater the sleeve knitted up in about three days. I am very pleased with this sweater. I need to block the edges, then it will be ready to be worn.

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