Wednesday, July 11, 2012

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Me in Gettysburg Rubbing Col. O'Rorke's nose for good luck.  He was from Rochester NY , and he fought and died at Gettysburg.   
1. I LOVE civil war history.  I really love any history, but the Civil War is my all time favorite.   

2. The burbs creep me out.  For real why do your houses all look the same?

3. My all time favorite song is the Gambler by Kenny Rogers

4. My middle name is Ray, after my dad's uncle.

5. One of my favorite hobbies is eating.

6. I know how to play the violin (and should play it more).

7. Teeth eek me out.  If you lose a tooth, or have one knocked out or broken don't come to me for help I will shriek like a small child and turn and run.

8. I read voraciously.  I go through about a book a week.  Right now I'm reading The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley, and while on my bus ride to Boston I read Summers at Blue Lake by Jill Althouse-Wood.  That's only a sample of what I've read so far this summer.

9. Salt and Vinegar Chips are my favorite junk food.

10. When I was younger I use to go deer hunting with my dad.  Yup that's right deer hunting although we never actually shot any deer.  My favorite part was dad waking me up at 4am and going over to his Aunt's house for breakfast with all the other hunters.  We would sit in the basement around the pool table.  Dad would let me drink coffee and eat sugar cookies for breakfast.

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