Friday, July 20, 2012

Sewing: The Sorbetto

I made this Sorbetto back in April for Me Made May 2012.  It could possiably be the best top that I have ever sewn.  (Its really a toss up between the Sorbetto and Merrick's Dolman Sleeve Top.)  What I love about the Sorbetto is that you only need about a yard of fabric, at least for the size 6.  It's simplicity and speediness make it a great quick project for when you just want to make something fast.  The pattern is also simple to construct and is a great project for any skill level.  I think that the hardest part about this top may be finishing the neckline and arm holes with the bias tape.  If it's not difficult it is at least the most time consuming aspect of this garments construction.  So needless to say I LOVE this pattern.

This one is my Fourth of July Sorbetto.  I made it specially for the Fourth.  I left out the from pleat, thinking that the print was bold enough and its own and that it didn't need the extra embellishment.  Now All I want to sew is more Sorbettos.  I want to make ones with sleeves, ones out of filmy fabric, ones with interesting hemlines.  The Sorbetto may become my new wardrobe staple. 

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