Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Operation De-Clutter!

Since my life is taken a much needed change in direction and having started to read the amazing blog Reading My Tea Leaves I've been looking around our small apartment and noticing we have a lot of crap.  Crap we don't even need or use for that matter.  While our apartment is twice the size of Erin's from Tea Leaves, I feel we have no excuse for the clutter.  I can't take the crap any longer.

So far so good.

In the past I have attempted to deal with the clutter and it only seems that having guests over is the only way to get me off my behind and get rid of the crap.  Or at least hide it till the guests leave.  This is not how I want my apartment to look or feel.

The other day my friend Nicole told me this quote by William Morris "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."  This is my new apartment motto.  We have too much stuff and a lot of it, isn't useful and the few things that are truly beautiful are being hidden by all the crap.  Armed with Mr. Morris's quote I am taking a stand against the clutter.

I have already tackled the bathroom cupboard and my kitchen.  Both of these attacks on the clutter and crap have been successful.  My goal is one pocket o clutter a day and so far that has been easy to manage, but I'll be honest I've been doing the easy stuff first.  There is one such pocket of clutter I am dreading.  The rocking chair corner is all my clutter.  I don't even think Simon has anything over there.  I am dreading this and may leave it for last.

The dreaded rocking chair corner, the catch all for sewing projects and fabric .
I already feel better about the few bits I've completed and it is motivating me to do more.  In my mind I have a picture of what our apartment should look like and it is well on its way to being that.

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