Thursday, July 26, 2012


Saturday was a lazy day so I made things to put in cans!  First was another batch of dill pickles.  I already ate my first jar and realized that I will want more of these for later so I made about two and a half cans worth of dill pickles.

Then I because I had a ton of cucumbers left over I made bread and butter pickles for my dad.  I'm not a huge fan of sweet pickles, but my dad loves them so I tried my hand at making them.  They take a lot of sugar.  It was about a cup and a quart of sugar for two and a half cans worth of brine for bread and butter pickles.

Then just because I was on a roll I also made blueberry jam.  It is so yummy, i love making jam.  I only made a half batch, but it still felt like it made a lot.  There is something very satisfying about canning and preserving food items.  Maybe it's a call back to my roots.


Benlovesting said...

You have such a lovely blog! x

BlueBetty said...

Thanks so much!