Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stitch Guide: Razor Shell

I have a love for lace, but I find squinting over charts and 10+ row repeats a bit much.  My dad taught me a long time ago to KISS, or Keep It Simple, Stupid.  I have to say that this is some for the best advice my dad has given me along with check the oil in your car and how to write a good resume.  That being said what I love about this lace pattern is that it is simple, but has a huge visual impact.  There are only two rows to this stitch.  How easy is that to remember, especially when one of those rows is a resting row.  Even better.  Razor shell stitch has a right side and a wrong side and makes a great edging or detail for a cardigan or shawl.  I could even see this as a great stitch for a cowl in some yummy mohair.

Razor Shell Stitch (Worked Flat)
Multi of 8 stitches plus 1
R1: K1 *YO, K2, Sl 2 Kwise, K1, P2sso, K2, YO, K1*
R2: Purl all Sts

Razor Shell Stitch (Worked in the Round)
Multi of 8 stitches
R1:*YO, K2, Sl 2 Kwise, K1, P2sso, K2, YO, K1*
R2: Knit all Sts