Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get Knitting

The weather here in Phily has truned in the past week from hot and muggie to cool and breeze. There was no gradule change in the temp here like usual. One day it was 80 degrees out and the next it was 55 degrees and damp. I must admitt I love fall weather and have accepted the fact that fall is here. I am ready for sweater weather, and with that comes the fact that i want to knit all the time. Not ony are there projects I need to complete, write up and test for patterns for my etsy shop, but there are tons of patterns I want to knit, most of them garrments, (vests and cardigans and pullovers oh my!).

How oh how will I be able to knit all that I want? First off day light hours are reserved for my shop knitting because this to me is my "work", work that i love doing so there is no probem with that. The evning hours are dedicated to personal projects. The only problem is there are so many that I want to make lately. I have noticed a trend with myself that I am becoming a sweater knitter and that my skill for creating finished pieces that I actually want to wear is growing. Last year I compleated one vest, three sweaters, and one knit shell by the end of January. I could have made more, but gift knitting got in the way, damn holidays! (I say this, but I love knitting gifts so I should stop my belly aching). So I say this and have no sweater on my needles just yet, this is a lie of course, I was knitting the puff sleeved femine cardigan from Stephanie Japel 's "Fitted Knits", which had a ton of errata or things that just didn't add up, as to that the yardage needed for the project was off and I have one ball of yarn left and need to do both sleeves and my button bands. I can tell you now that my one ball will not be enough to finish all of these elements. I had to make a ton of mods for the yarn that i had and now i must decide on how I am going to finish the darn thing. It is however off my needles and can wait for a solution. I will post a pic once I have my new data cable.

Along with all the patterns I want to knit for myself I have a cardigan that I designed last fall that I need to size and test knit. I alread knit my first one, but the guage was off so my medium came out about 3" larger than desired. My mother got the first cardigan and she loves it. I am thinking going down a needle size will do the trick.

Wel I am off to get some knitting done.


Laura (Hooky) said...

Hi Mandy! That puff sleeved feminine cardi is cute! I found a puffy sleeved cardi pattern(in red too)...kinda similar but less fitted somewhere and am imagining that at some stage I may get around to knitting it....oh well I can dream. :) xo

BlueBetty said...

I am having knitters ennui, I need to finish said sweater and I want to start a new sweater and I need to finish/start new designs for my shop. All while waiting for my dye pot to boil.