Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In the Mail

So, after my summer job I realized that I some how misplaced my camera's data cable in the camp office. Once you miss place something in that space it is good as gone. This posses a problem for me as I have a ton of camp pics still on my camera and I can't take pics for my etsy, or this blog. But not to worry I have ordered a new cable which should arrive about the same time I receive the new base yarn I ordered. This will be good timing, new yarn, new pics, and a new data cable to upload said pics with.

Also, Simon and I are now almost real adults, we recently bought a real couch for our living room and no longer sit on a futon to watch tv. We are also getting a new shelving unit just for my yarn and fabric stash. (Simon is a tad bit of an enabler, I think that he has just accepted his fate that he lives with and married a knitter and wants to make the best of it.) As of right now our living room looks like it exploded, well at least my yarn stash looks like it has exploded, and I have found some yarn that I dyed and never took pics of and some hand spun that was meant to go in my etsy shop too. To sum it up, expect some new items to pop up in my shop as soon as I get my new data cable.

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