Monday, October 18, 2010

Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peek at what will be new at Blue Betty this week. First off I have a pattern coming out on Wednesday. I know I originally set the release date for Tuesday, but I need an extra day to finish up lay out and edits. But with a slightly later release date I will also be able to finish up photos on the new yarn that is suggested for the project so expect a double release, on Wednesday the 20th (which also happens to be my birthday!).

Also later in the week I will be adding some lace weight and some hand spun to the shop. Below is a photo of the lace weight yarn I've been dyeing. It's lovely and scrumptious, but I'm a sucker for wool and silk blends.

Expect a lot to be happening and a lot of new items to be going up this week.

(The new lace weight base takes color so well I just want to eat them!)

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