Monday, October 4, 2010

I've Been a Bad Blogger

I have been, I constantly forget to blog even when I post a little not above my computer that says blog or die. I always think I have a good excuse so your probably wondering what it is this time. My excuse for not blogging since the beginning of September is that I recently got married to my Aussie Boyfriend. We had a small wedding in my home town and a lot of the elements we made or did our selves. I sewed two dresses for our wedding party and made ties for the guys. I also made both bouquets (with help from Simon, he cut felt for me). We also made all the decorations our selves and set up the barn where we had the reception.

So I leave you with a pic of Simon and I with our wedding party out in the vineyard at the winery where we were married.

But now for some quick business, I have just ordered some new base yarn to dye its a worsted weight wool, alpaca, silk blend that will work wonderfully with the new pattern I have in the works.

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