Thursday, October 21, 2010

Post Birthday

Yesterday was my 26th Birthday and now I am officially a year older. Simon likes the months of October to March because our age gap closes, if only slightly for those months. Birthdays to me are an excuse to go out to fancy dinner or by myself a new pair of boots. I have yet to buy my new boots, but we did go out to dinner last night with our friends Antea and Wes. We went to Jones in center city and the food was great. I absolutely loved the potato pancakes. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I liked this resurant as it is a Stephan Starr resturant and I do love the continental even if Simon does not. We can both agree on Jones though with entrees like meatloaf and pot pie on the menu Simon gets a good sized portion of some of his all time faves and I love the idea of comfort food in a homey comfortable setting. (I love the fact that each booth has a nightlight.) Add in a mural of the jersey shore (Simon and mine favorite summer spot) and Jones was a great pick.

I leave with a pick of some new hand spun in my Shop.

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