Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fabric Finds

I love my fabric shop, mostly because it's like searching for buried treasure. It is filled to the brim with all types of fabrics and the are constantly getting new stuff in. Because of this they have a huge dollar bin where you can sometimes find a yard of a hidden gem like the 60" wool cotton blend denim I found one day. (There is enough for me to make a pair of trouser jeans for the fall!) They also have barrels of fabric for $1.98 a yard, which yes has a bunch of crap in it, but also has a few bits of fabric gold it you just take the time to look and touch.

I usually make a trip here at least once a week, mostly because I need buttons (they have a whole wall of buttons) or elastic or trim or thread. Mostly I can manage to not over spend, but when they are having a $3.98 silk sale how can you pass up looking to see if there are any treasures up for grabs.

This is what happened a few weeks ago when I went in to buy elastic and I left with three and a half yards of fabric and elastic. The romper and the sundress i recently made were all fabric from that trip (the romper was in the $1.00 bin and the dress fabric was from the cotton prints section and was $4.25 a yard). But like I was describing above the shop was having a $3.98 silk sale and in the bin along with some upholstery silk and some taffeta in a horrid taupe color was this:
The photo doesn't do it justice, but I found 100% duponi silk in a beautiful navy blue and bronze. I immediatly snatched the bolt up and bolted for the cutting counter. I bought two yards, enough for something although I'm not sure what. I couldn't believe i just bought two yards of duponi silk for under ten dollars where everywhere I have seen it it's been $18 or more per yard. It's tucked away in my stash waiting for the perfect project.

This is not the end of my fabric finds. I had an unexpected day off from work on Monday and went to the fabric shop, just to look, (yeah right). They had all new 100% cotton jersey in in some wonderful summer colors. I had to have the turquoise, I also found some cotton print and a very special find in the $1.98 bin.

From the top down:
The cotton print, floral, of course! It has an interesting color combination of greens, red, orange and lavender.
Turquoise cotton jersey.
Cotton silk blend in an interesting color, the above picture does it no justice, its a deep forest green. It is 60" and was in the $1.98 bin. I wasn't exactly sure what it's fiber content was. I figured cotton and rayon. When I asked the woman cutting the fabric she said it was defiantly a cotton silk blend. I bought a yard, but I'm thinking of going back and buying some more. I want to make wide leg pants out of some of it, and I might get a yard or two for a dress or at least my stash.

I have already started a casual dress from the cotton print.

Here's a close up of the print.

I still haven't decided what the cotton jersey is going to be. I'm thinking a dress. After this I need to start thinking about what I am going to need for the fall.

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